Matrix Infinity SE DNS-1011:
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L'ultima evoluzione della serie Infinity. Il Matrix Infinity SE è supportato da tutte le consoles pal dalla v3 alla v12 ed incorpora l'autoriconoscimento di game ps2, psx e dvd films. Mai più procedure di avvio!!!

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Schema di Installazione - V3 PAL (SCPH-30004)
Schema di Installazione - V4 PAL (SCPH-30004)
Schema di Installazione - V5/6 PAL (SCPH-30004R)
Schema di Installazione - V7/8 PAL (SCPH-39004)
Schema di Installazione - V9 PAL (SCPH-50004)
Schema di Installazione - V10/11 PAL (SCPH-50004a)
Schema di Installazione - V12 PAL (SCPH-70004)

Download degli schemi per tutte le versioni (File zip)

MILITARY TEMPERATURE RANGE: Our new Infinity SE features a Military Temperature Grade IC that can work up to 125C temperature, so you will not undergo any problem even in longer game session. Other standard modchip use commercial grade Actel APA075 that can work up to 70C, cause of the thigh space inside the new PSTwo this temperature will be reached in just few minutes, causing malfunctions and laser lens blown up.
AUTOMATIC SELECTION for PS2/PS1/DVD. (Just insert any Media and the InfinitySE will play it.
DVD Region Free!!, To play all regions DVD without need of any extra operation.
Auto Detect, and compatible with Playstation 2 USA/PAL/Japanese - from V1 to V12.
512 Kb Flash Memory, on board (Flashable with our future updates and software releases.
Easy to Install, only 18 wires for V1-V8 and 20 wires for V9, V10.
GREEN FIX, You can finally watch your DVD movies using you RGB Scart cable.
Import Games Fix, All PSX import games are played at FULL SCREEN and FULL COLOR.
STEALTH-Mode, The Modchip can be switched off and becomes invisible to Online Gaming.
Sleep-Mode, The Modchip will switch off itself after boot.
100% NO SWAP, Direct boot for all the PS2 and PSX games.
DVD9 OK, Supports games on DVD-9 media.
PS1 ANTI-MOD all the Ps1 games with anti-mod protection can now be played (Only for V9 and V10 PS2)
Compatible DATEL 16MB MEMORY CARDS can be used without using any swap CD.

Very Reliable, All the Modchips are 100% tested before delivery.
Very Stable, Thanks to the sleep mode the IC will never Overheat.
CD Lens Safe, Avoid CD lens damage by sending un-necessary signal to the Drive Controller.

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Matrix Infinity SE DNS-1011
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